Tuesday, March 29, 2005

M. Night Shyamalan's "The Village"

As we await opening day for the 2005 edition of your Boston Red Sox, I can only warn you NOT to rent one of the, if not the worst, movie I've ever seen, "The Village."

Another lame, slow, uninspired effort from the most over-rated director today, M. Night Shyamalan. Let's not talk about his over-rated "The Sixth Sense", or unispired "Signs". This movie was the most boring, slow, unimaginative movie that I have ever seen, and my better half would agree. If I had paid money to see this in a theatre, I would have demanded my money back. Now I can see why the movie was roasted by critics.

In short, it's about a secluded village that lives in fear of the creatures in the woods. And that's about it. We have Sigourney Weaver sleepwalking through the movie along with William Hurt. And Adrian Brody, doesn't play a mentally challenged man like Sean Penn in "I Am Sam"; he plays it like a high schooler making fun of someone mentally challenged! And Joaquin Phoenix needed the money. Actually, the only reason I can see any of these actors in this movie was for the money. And the end? How about a blind woman running in and out of the woods; or the fact that there is no creature in the woods aside from Brody wearing a costume. We crawl through tedious, ponderous dialogue to find this out.

Would you believe the back of the dvd box actually compares Shyamalan to Alfred Hitchcock???? Quite frankly he doesn't compare to Alfred E. Newman! Stay away or risk losing 2 hours of your life.

Hey, did I mention that opening night is almost upon us?


Anonymous ~Angel~ said...

I actually enjoyed the movie. I've enjoyed all of M. Knight's films. I do agree with you on Sigourney Weaver, her acting was horrible in the movie. I did enjoy Bryce Howard, thought she did a wonderful job and she was quite refreshing. I hope to see her in more films.

6:56 PM  

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