Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Why Overweight IS In

You do realize, what's left of you in skinny nation, that you are losing the battle; not of the bulge but to society's acceptance of the bulge. I'm tired of what's left of skinny nation trying to shove low carbs and revealing outfits on television and current advertising. Sorry guys, it isn't happening any more. Let's look at the facts and statistics.

Eight out of ten Americans are anywhere from overweight to obese. That's a fact. Why??? How about we live in a decaying world filled with disease, poverty, drugs, war, and constant threats of terrorism. And if you can't leave your home for fear of being killed, or if you can but you can't afford $40 to take your loved one to a less than good movie, then the next best and safest thing to do is stay home and enjoy one of life's most wonderful and simplest pleasures: EATING! And even the poorest of the poor manage to do that in these times.

Do you know that the "New England Journal of Medicine" along with some big studies in Europe have determined that 4 out of 5 people over the age of 70 who are still alive are those people that are overweight versus being underweight? They are the healthier of the people in nursing homes as well. Again, why? Because if they do become ill, they have more body mass to work with in terms of fighting illness, disease, and cancer. Think about that. Sure, there are other side effects such as potential high blood pressure and diabetes, both things that can be controlled with medication. But in total, being heavier allows you to actually live longer and survive more illnesses. Go to any nursing home and the healthy ones are all either overweight to obese.

And by the way, if you smoke and drink to also have a distraction from the world we live in, the unemployment and eventual $3 a gallon gas prices, then does it matter if you're skinny? In the end, when your time is up, it's up! Any of those elements will kill you, right?! Does anyone remember the famous marathoner, Jim Fixx, who in the 70's made a living from running marathons, and is credited with starting the fitness craze in America and then started doing commercials running for Visa cards? What happened to him? He died while running in 1984!!!

And as for the appeal of the "extra weight," of course to each his own, but, let's face it, the most accepted sex symbol of the 20th Century and arguably of all time was Marilyn Monroe, who was an admitted size 20 when the corset was off! Study the portraits hanging in the museums of France and Italy, they're all of heavyset women who were considered the beauties of their day. Look at women from even earlier in the 20th Century, all shapely and bbw's in stature. Only in the 1960's with the onset of the drug culture and models like Twiggy, skinny began its run on American society. But those days are over people. Women today are having injections into their derrieres to make them look bigger. And again, just go into any restaurant or store at lunch time during a business day, or on any weekend in your local mall, 80% of the girls and women you see today are anywhere from overweight to obese; the good looking ones being bbws, big beautiful women. And, oh by the way, even 80% of all men in this country today are anywhere from overweight to obese. A recent study concluded that most professional football players, supposed athletes, are overweight!

So, as my grandmother would say, "live and let live and get used to the world we live in today." One last note, even according to the NY Times Best Seller, "The Fat Fallacy," it has been scientifically proven that heavier set people will dominate the population with their longevity.

So good-bye Twiggy, and hello Marilyn!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You hit the nail right on the head regarding people being overweight. Great post!

11:22 AM  
Blogger New England Magazine said...

Thank you for taking the time to read my commentary and even more for agreeing with me. I feel that in conjunction with the accuracy of what I wrote, if all of America read it, 8 out of 10 people would be overweight, happy and agree!!!! Thank you again!

12:09 PM  
Anonymous kids obesity said...

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