Monday, April 18, 2005

The Corner Deli, Stoughton, MA

Want a nice deli that is clean, has great service, and serves up some great Jewish cuisine? Well then you couldn’t do better than “The Corner Deli” located at 593 Washington Street in Stoughton, MA. This cozy little place offers up a complete menu of traditional Jewish cuisine; everything ranging from standard breakfast, lunch and dinner to matzahball soups, knishes, latkes, and blintzes.

I had two fried eggs with a healthy portion of sausages and hash browns with a bagel with cream cheese on the side and orange juice, all made to perfection. My partner had the Challah french toast, which was to die for, also quite the portion. As it was, we couldn’t eat it all. I was so tempted to wait around for lunch so I could go back in and get a chopped liver sandwich!

All in all it was a most pleasant experience. So, if you happen to be craving good Jewish cuisine in a nice, pleasant atmosphere, I strongly suggest “The Corner Deli.” I guarantee you’ll also want to stay for lunch!


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OpenID gwensans said...

Thank you for sharing. I live in the area and will definitely have to check it out. Have you ever tried Justine's Table? It is a great deli in Newton, MA.

10:39 AM  

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