Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Celts Draft Night Review

Tuesday night I was present first hand at the Sports Authority in Waltham, MA, as the Celts restocked themselves for the future in the 2005 NBA draft.

To recap, they’re future prayers were answered when they drafted 18 year old high school, Gerald Green, a 6'8" high flyer who was projected to be as drafted as high as 6th, but slid to their liking. Comparisons range from Tracy McGrady to Dominique Wilkins. If that’s the case, then the Celts have themselves a steal.

Their second pick was forward Ryan Gomes from Providence College. This kid seems mature for his age and is projected to make the team. Their final pick was Oriene Greene, a guard from Louisiana-Lafayette.

For some reason I’m having a good vibe on this Green kid. All indications are that he is the real deal. Time will tell. Gomes may develop into a solid starter opposite Al Jefferson down the line. For their summer team they added Vermont forward Taylor Coppenrath, who put up huge numbers in college. And I have to tell you I’m having a good vibe on him as well.

Now the big question is whether to deal Paul Pierce or not. Personally, I’m torn. The truth is they probably won’t get his value back, especially amidst reports that the Celts are concerned about his late night partying. I’d still see if I could get some veterans and picks back for him and then make a push to sign Ray Allen, or maybe a sign and trade. I think Antoine Walker won’t be back again and, quite honestly, that’s ok.

The future looks promising for this team and based upon how they move forward with Pierce, they could be quite exciting to watch next year.

And oh by the way, the food at the draft was terrific!


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