Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Coop de Ville

Well, what better way to follow up a blog on Food Channel’s most annoying host, Rachel Ray, than to actually eat at one of her suggested $40 a day restaurants; and that’s what we did on Sunday at Coop de Ville on Martha’s Vineyard.

This little seafood restaurant that resides off the water in Oak Bluffs was overpriced, with sub par seafood, and poor service. The benches we were seated at were uncomfortable with annoying music booming in our ears. The waitress didn’t realize the fried clam plate came with whole bellies, as I had to explain it to her, and she never brought me my Pepsi ‘till I asked a third time. And for clinchers, she charged me for two clam plates which I had to have her fix the bill.

As for the food, the clams had barely any bellies and were very average. The portions were small and instead of cole slaw, they gave a cheesy version of pasta salad. The fried oysters were burnt and the fish fillet sandwich was very bland. Did I mention the clam plate was not only small but it was $23!

A waste of time and money, and once again prooving that her's gets comped for free, she chooses the cheapie item on the menu for the TV viewers, and has no idea what she's doing. Please, Food Channel, I'm begging you, wise up to this fraud.


Blogger Mark said...

O my new friend. I too watch Rachel Ray on the food channel. Not because I find her informative. I enjoy watching what her stylist get her to wear. I am Canadian and we also get the privilege of watching 40$ a day. Let me just say that I travel a lot for my job. I guarantee that there is no way in hell that I could eat 3 meals a day at anything other then a fast food pit, for 40$ a day… with money for a drink at the end of the day.. Who do they think they are kidding.

4:20 PM  
Blogger New England Magazine said...

I can't agree more! It's such the farse.

9:28 AM  

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