Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Pierce for “?”

Well, now that the season is officially over for our beloved Celtics, it’s time to play GM with this team. As you know by now, all roads lead to the inquiry, “What can we get for Paul Pierce?”

Myself, I’d be inclined to trade him in the right deal. He is a terrific talent who has gotten a bit weirder with age and seems to dislike the leadership placed on him by being the captain of the team. You also have to ask yourself this question, “As constituted with Paul Pierce, can this team go any farther next year?” I say no. Therefore, here are a few possibilities that are approved by the NBA's collective bargaining agreement regarding contracts and the cap:
  1. Pierce to the Lakers for Kobe Bryant. This would be a biggie! But hear me out. Kobe is from the East Coast; Paul is from LA. Both teams will go no farther with these players. Both players are similar as 2 guards that can do it all. Maybe both just need a change of scenery. I think it would also make the NBA one interesting place next year if these guys swap coastlines. In addition, their salaries match up.
  2. Pierce to the Sixers along with Marcus Banks for Allen Iverson. Again, both teams going nowhere as constituted. The Celts would get a Red Auerbach favorite in Iverson, a tough leader, do it all point guard and, Philly would get some much needed scoring in Pierce.
  3. Pierce and Ricky Davis to Minnesota for Kevin Garnett. Minnesota is going nowhere and they’d have Pierce as a small forward and Davis as a two guard. They won’t resign Sprewell and they can move Sczerbiak for more size. As for Boston, how would you like Al Jefferson starting alongside Kevin Garnett next year? They can always sign a two guard like a Jimmy Jackson that can be a steady producer for them.
  4. A “sign and trade” with Seattle: Pierce for Ray Allen. Pierce has a better all around game, but Allen has it more together mentally and certainly can score.

Just some ideas I was kicking around as the summer season begins in the NBA. I say bring in Kobe and let’s start a new Celtic/Laker rivalry while we’re at it!


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