Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Running For Cover

Yesterday's front page news in Boston and world wide is on how the medical industry is running for cover after the CDC and other complete research studies have concluded that overweight to moderately obese people actually seem to live slightly longer than lean-bodied people. That is almost verbatim. And if you’ve compared the figures that were originally put out about being overweight and the deaths resulting from it, to the revised figures now, it’s staggering the misinformation that was originally put out there.

As I said before in the “Why Overweight IS In” post, with an awful economy, $3 a gallon gas, no jobs, and the threats of terrorism, people stay home most often and attempt to enjoy their lives through food, alcohol, movies, sports, and television. That’s the world we live in today. That’s why 8-10 Americans are overweight despite the "skinny propaganda" that their particular culture is clinging too.

Oh by the way, did I mention the lawsuits facing the Atkins estate for people dying on his diet? Or the fact that hospitals and insurance companies won’t cover stomach stapling procedures any longer because 1 in 4 die and the procedure is not foolproof even if you survive it? Or that most football players were classified as obese yet, they are arguably the best athletes on the planet?

Well now the medical truth, which has been there all along, is really front-page news. Overweight people live longer than lean bodied people. Enjoy!


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