Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Celts Lose Home Advantage

Last night the Celts laid another egg at home to Indiana losing 90-85 to the Ron Artest-less Pacers. After regaining home advantage with a convincing win in game 4 in Indiana, once again they came out flat and played catch up all night.

Just a few observations:
Reacquiring Antoine Walker during the year rejuvenated this team and Pierce, but he continues to never step up big in playoff games dating all the way back to the eggs he laid going up against Kenyon Martin.

Gary Payton is done, period. It’s painful watching this guy crawl the ball up the floor. It’s time to hand it over to Banks or Delonte West. The 80's Celtics acquired DJ after they had no guard to defend Andrew Toney. This team lacks leadership and the only guy that comes to mind is Jason Kidd, to me. And imagine this team with a low post player. Till these things happen: same story - different year with this roster.


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