Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Cheng Du Can Do

Who doesn't know someone that will always profess that they know a place that serves the best Chinese food?! I hear the same thing with clams as well and you know, 9 out of 10 times the places they suggest usually range from nothing special to major letdown to downright awful. Okay, well here I go: if you're looking for a semi out of the way place that just makes Chinese food dishes and appetizers the way they should be made, then try Cheng Du in the heart of downtown Stoughton, MA.

It had been years since I ate in the restaurant with my better half and Saturday night we decided to do a large take-out order. Once again they delivered with outstanding Chinese cuisine. The fried chicken wings were crisp and tasty and a good size, not the pigeon size wings most places offer up (have you checked Rhode Island's Chinese food restaurants? You can see the pigeons from your seat). The fried shrimp had a light batter and were just right. The fried Szechwan dumplings were soft and melted in our mouths. The crab rangoons were generously filled with cream cheese and were crispy on the outside. And the shrimp fried rice had lots of nice huge pieces of shrimp in it, unlike most places where you have to play "Where's Waldo" with your shrimp. We were so full and content that we never even got to their specialty dishes that adorn their menu. And if you eat inside it still has a nice, quiet atmosphere minus the normal cheesiness of fish tanks and the like.

So if you are craving Chinese food on a Saturday night as most couples do, I suggest you take a visit to Cheng Du.


Anonymous Yvonne said...

The best chinese food i have, are the ones my mom makes. Unlike 'westerners' we think home cooked foods are better than take out. I kind of roll my eyes at the "It's not delivery it's Delissio" ... well, sorry, then your cooking must suck, Delissio lol. Nm, I'm rambling. :)

9:47 PM  
Blogger Talking Tina said...

Hmm do you guys like Dim Sum. lil dumplings in tin steamned round punds. lady wheels em around your table. ty for review i am so hungry now lol.

5:55 AM  
Blogger Clublint said...

Gawd I want to move there just for the chinese food and I live in Australia!



3:35 AM  
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