Monday, May 09, 2005

Celts Routed In Game 7

The Celts bowed out in game 7 at home to Indiana in a rout, losing by 27 points. Being a Celtic fan since the mid 70's, it is quite a disappointment to see the millennium edition of the Celtics bow out so pathetically. This is what will ALWAYS separate the superstars of yesterday like Bird and McHale and Russell from the wannabes of today like Pierce and Walker. Game 7 at home, where you are the better team, no excuse for losing by 27 points.

As for next year, personally I think the guy to build around is 20 year old Al Jefferson who may be the best true low post player they’ve had since Kevin McHale and Cedric Maxwell; this kid has it all together and will be a star within 3 years. On Pierce, I’m not sure whether they should move him or not. He truly is a gifted player and scorer but, as a veteran captain of this team, he just doesn’t act like a mature player and instead he’s acting out, pouting and having an attitude. If you move him, you NEED a superstar back, period. Pierce to the Lakers for Kobe? Just throwing that out there. As for Walker, it was his presence that made Pierce a better player and elevated the Celts into the playoffs. And yes, he won game 6 in overtime for them. But once again, for the most part, he did what he seems to do in every playoff game, choke under pressure. I may keep him anyways if at the right price. As for the rest of the crew, I’d let Gary Payton walk and if at all possible, I’d trade Mark Blount to ANYONE that will take his huge contract and “laissez faire” approach towards basketball. The rest of the guys are the young ones they will build around like Delonte West and Marcus Banks. And kudos to the job Doc Rivers did this year getting the youngsters and veterans to blend together. However, all in all, unless the "star" core of this team is reconfigured via trade, this team will not go any farther next year as constituted.


Blogger Big Cajun Man said...

Having lived through the Raptors implosion, I think the "C's" are better off, given they have a solid GM and Coach. Either that or bring back Tommy H. to coach!


1:01 PM  
Blogger New England Magazine said...

Good response! I loved Tommy Heinsohn! He's this millenniums version of Johnny Most nowadays!

1:42 PM  
Blogger Big Cajun Man said...

But which is he better at? Colour Commentary or Coaching. In an ideal world, he would do BOTH! I still remember him railing about Will Perdue having "No Talent, what is he doing in this league?". Tommy H. is da man!


2:14 PM  
Anonymous amatern said...

Great posts - I was wondering when I'd finally find a Boston post on the Celtics getting their butts handed to them :) Quick question, I'm one of the co-captains for - any chance you'd like to become a contributor?


9:10 PM  

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