Monday, October 10, 2005

Patriots Update

With the last second win over Atlanta yesterday, improving the Patriots’ record to 3-2, fans shouldn’t get any misconceptions about their teams’ destiny the rest of the way.

If this team finishes in first place and makes the playoffs, it will be solely based on Belichick’s brains and Brady’s arm. Their defense is awful and the absence of Rodney Harrison hurts more than even expected. Past their defensive line, the linebackers, save for Mike Vrabel, just can’t tackle. Chad Brown, Willie McGinest, and Roosevelt Colvin seem to be at the end of their lines, and Monty Beisel seems more suited to being a backup. Unless Tedy Bruschi returns, and I still say he will, their linebackers are in trouble.

As for the secondary, Harrison’s leadership and talents are now sorely missed and I’m very disappointed that Eugene Wilson has regressed versus stepping up in Harrison’s absence. They will need to add a competent veteran back there at some point. Every team is marching through them like Sherman’s army and as I started out saying, this team will only win on Belichick’s brains and Brady putting up more points than his defense is getting scorched for.

Like the 2005 Red Sox, this is not a championship caliber team this year.


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