Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Who Can Afford A Trip To The Movies?

Now I know why I stay home and rent DVDs and re-watch my favorite movies: I can’t afford to go out!

I tried going with my fiancée to a movie on Sunday, but let me itemize my expenditures. First we drove an hour into Massachusetts from Rhode Island to have a brunch at SKY, a restaurant that advertises it’s brunches in the “Boston Magazine.” Lo and behold, no brunches ‘till Labor Day! What happened here?! This is a blog for another day! So far it’s $10 in gas. Because we were obviously still hungry, we then went to “La Roberts” in North Attleboro, MA for their version of a Sunday brunch. Terrorists should be forced to eat their food! $9.50 for two bites of a rubber omelet and a sip of ice tea. It would have been twice as much should my fiancée not have gone to the restroom. It gave me the opportunity to visit the buffet table and taste before she had the chance to do so. I stopped her on her way back! By now we were cutting it close to catch the 1:30 matinee so, off to the movies we go. General Cinemas in Attleboro, MA had a matinee cost for two people totaling $13.50! Does anybody remember when it used to be $3 a matinee ticket? Since we STILL wanted something to eat, we paid $3.50 for a small cup of Pepsi! This was outrageous! And $5.50 for 4 nacho chips and some processed cheese for a total of $9.00, and then came the popcorn, 1 large popcorn was $5.00, and I swear they didn’t layer the butter in the popcorn like I asked them to do! Remember when they popped their own?! And lastly, a small Icee for another $3.00 for a total cost of $8.00. Thank God the movie “Batman Begins” (also another blog) was a good movie.

By the time we came home from that dreadful day out for a free (we had gift certificates) buffet brunch and a day at the movies, we had spent a total of $50.

Moral of the story: STAY HOME! It’s cheaper, more comfortable, and simply better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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