Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Red Sox Reading Of The Will

As the 2005 Red Sox were officially laid to rest, the peeks into their 2006 future has begun. Here are one man’s opinions.

Theo Epstein, the boy wonder (though the Foulke, Clement, and especially Renteria signings were awful), is without a contract, but has done a good job in helping guide them to a world series and restocking their farm systems. He should and will return.

Manager Francona will probably get a contract extension, and though I’m still not sure it’s the best thing to do, I’m mixed about it all-I’m still awaiting Joe Torres’ departure in New York! Francona will be back.

1b- Millar is history. Thank God and here the search will begin in earnest. Personally, I’d look at guys like Todd Helton in Colorado. I’m not interested in mentioned name Aubrey Huff. They may look at home town product Carlos Pena in Detroit. And they’re crazy if they don’t bring back the best 1b backup in baseball, John Olerud.

2b-Graffino is gone and it will be rookie Dustin Pedroia and Alex Cora.

Ss- Unfortunately, they’re stuck with Edgar Renteria, nuff said.

3b- Mueller is gone and you’re probably looking at Kevin Youkillis taking over.

Lf- is Manny gone? I’m not so sure I’d trade him, as he and Ortiz are the best 1-2 sluggers in baseball. But I think he will be traded and who comes in is anybody’s guess. I’m hearing Brian Giles in San Diego. Maybe a free agent like Shawn Green, or if Manny is involved in a 3-way deal that involves Adam Cunn of Cincinnati, that may be your options.

Cf-I say Damon is gone, as they will not sign up for 4 years. The rumor mill mentions Tori Hunter of Minnesota.

Rf-Trot Nixon personifies guts and team spirit, but injuries have curtailed his production. I say he’s back one more year.

Dh- Big Papi, David Ortiz, is the best there is. MVP to me, and he should be signed to be with this team when he’s in a nursing home!

C-Varitek and Mirabelli will be back.

Starting pitching-Personally, I think Schilling is close to the end, but they’ll hope he can bounce back. Clement, Wells and Wakefield are signed through next year. I’d love to see them move Clement but I don’t think it’s a reality. I think Arroyo will be the trade bait as Clemens-clone, Jon Papelbon, moves into the starting rotation. I say they bring in another top starter since the 3rd and 4th starter deal killed them come playoff time. Who? I don’t know, though I don’t think it will be AJ Burnett. Could there be any way to pry Barry Zito away or Josh Beckett? Double a phenom Jon Lester isn’t far off either from the show.

Relief pitching-I would love to see them move crybaby Keith Foulke, and they just may if he’s healthy. Bradford and Myers will be back. Youngsters Manny DelCarmen and future closer Craig Hansen may be up. Timlin will probably be gone, so look for them to investigate a closer or at least some depth here as well.

Bench- Gabe Kapler may not be back due to his foot injury and if they don’t resign Nolerud, they’ll definitely need to revamp their bench next year.

All in all, it will be a very transitional year for the 2005-2006 Red Sox coming up.

In Theo we trust!


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