Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dead Silence

This is a new horror movie release that harkens back to one of the better Twilight Zone episodes; one in which killer ventriliquist dummies are on the loose. Remember the movie Magic? Some of that is in here, too. The plot summary involves a young woman who opens up a package that turns out to be a ventriliquist dummy, that, let's just say doesn't produce happy results. Her husband travels back to their childhood home to investigate the history of the dummy and the woman who made them. Needless to say there's a whole story behind all of it. Refreshing, in that for a horror movie in this day of age to not have the prerequisite lost teenagers spending half the movie having sex and then being sliced up. This movie has some real creepy moments and the dummy's are down-right evil! And quite the twist in the end as well. Thumbs up from me!


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