Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Manny Proposals

As I sit here and debate how I would rearrange the 2005 Red Sox, here are some suggestions:

Manny to New York for Jason Giambi. It will never happen but, the Yanks may feel they got all they could out of Giambi and they have Tino to cover first base. In return they get a native New Yorker who can hit 45 homeruns for them and play the outfield, which they’ll need with Sheffield possibly done and Matzui a free agent. The Sox get a consummate first baseman who found his stroke. The salaries are fairly compatible as well.

Package some prospects to Chicago for Mark Prior. They need a front line starter and Prior, coming off an injury-riddled year, could be the man. The Cubs need a left fielder that can hit and Manny is the man and they can afford him. Double a phenom Jon Lester or Bronson Arroyo and Manny to Chicago for M. Prior and J. Burnitz (who allows you to trade Trot).

Manny Ramirez and Manny DelCarmen to Texas for Mark Texeira. Texas has a young phenom ready to step in at first and needs a slugging outfielder. Manny fits the bill and they can afford him. And they desperately need pitching so you can throw in either DelCarmen or Arroyo. And Texeira comes to Boston as a young first baseman who will hit 40 plus homers behind Ortiz.

Arroyo and DelCarmen or Arroyo and Lester to Florida for Josh Beckett. He would be a number one guy for the Sox, throws smoke, former World Series MVP. And Florida, with AJ Burnett leaving, can replace Hurnett and Beckett with Arroyo and Lester who may be ready. And if you expand the deal, maybe you could include slugging first baseman, Carlos Delgado.

Just some thoughts to ponder as the hot stove season is about to begin.


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