Thursday, October 27, 2005

Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

Red Sox nation should know by today if "boy-wonder" native, Theo Epstein, will remain on as GM of our beloved Red Sox. The consensus amongst Red Sox nation is that he should most definitely remain on and the Sox should give-in to his demands for a 5 year multi-million dollar deal.

What has come out is that Theo has turned down a substantial raise and a 3-year deal and now the rumor mill tells us he may not get along with CEO Larry Luchino, a control freak. I keep thinking that maybe Theo keeps driving up his price because he really doesn’t want to come back and serve under Larry.

Red Sox nation contends that the Sox won their first championship in 86 years with Theo making the moves. The truth is a major part of the contributors of that ‘04 team were ex-GM, Dan Duquette's moves (like Manny, Pedro, Trot, Varitek, DLowe, etc). Theo's better moves included acquiring Schilling and Big Papi.

My feeling is that Theo walks and the Sox bring in an older guy with experience who will continue to manage the personnel in the system messrs Henry, Warner, and Luchino have set up. But personally, it would be best in the Sox interests to keep Theo. We'll see what happens.

Anyone need Dan Duquette's number?!


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