Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Billy Donovan Next Celtic's Coach?

Ok, the last time I envisioned a leader of a Boston sports team, I kid you not, I thought Bill Belichick would make a great coach for the Patriots! I distinctly recall calling Ted Sarandis of WEEI's "Ted Nation" to give my thoughts when Pete Carroll was canned, and of course at that time Teddy and guest Kevin Mannix shot me down big time.

Why did I think he'd make a great coach? Because he was the genius assistant that every single time his teams played the Patriots, be it as coach of the Browns, or as the Tuna's defensive coordinator, he ALWAYS got in the quarterback's heads with great schemes, always!!! I've told Coach Belichick that myself in a letter many years later as well. I won't say 'I told you so,' but time has proven me right 3 championships later.

So here I am again, championing the next leader in Boston, the next head coach of the Boston Celtic's, coach Billy Donovan of the NCAA champs Florida Gators. Why? First and foremost his teams, like Belichick teams, are ALWAYS well coached and well prepared and play TEAM ball. He's won 2 consecutive NCAA titles, a great feat in today's world of parity. He has no ego. He's a local boy, and best of all, he's good buddies with, you guessed it, Bill Belichick (Belichick was a guest of his at the final game and has also given Billy's team pep-talks as well). And to me, ANYBODY Bill Belichick can intellectually connect with, has to have that"certain something." The Celts could do a whole lot worse than make a move on college basketballs's newest genius before he moves on to Kentucky.


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